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    Important Information About Relativistic Energy and Momentum

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    1. Given: The charge on the electron is
    qe = 1.60218 *10 ^-19 C.
    Given: The mass of the electron is
    me = 9.10939 * 10 ^-31 kg.

    What is an electron's momentum, if it is
    accelerated across a 6 mm potential difference
    of 220 kV? Answer in units of keV/c.

    2. Determine the energy required to accelerate
    an electron from 0.587 c to 0.65 c . Answer in
    units of MeV.

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    I have found the relativistic momentum of an electron upon acceleration through a large potential difference. I also have found the change in its total relativistic energy. This is a classic problem encountered often in special theory of relativity.