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    Position of Particle Equation

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    The position of a particle which moves along a straight line is defined by: x=t^3-6t^2-15t+40, where x is in feet and t is in seconds. Determine the time at which the velocity will be zero, the position and distance traveled at that time, and the acceleration of the particle at that time.

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    Velocity is defined as dx/dt (rate of change of displacement).
    thus V = dx/dt = 3 t^2 - 6*2 t - 15.
    When V=0,we get a quadratic equation 3 t^2 - 6*2 t - 15 = 0 ...

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    The solution addresses the position of a particle. The time, position, distance, and acceleration all have to be determined with respect to this particle moving along a straight line.