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Newton's second law and friction.

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A 12.0-kg box rests on the flat floor of a truck. The coefficients of friction between the box and the floor are s=0.19 and k=0.15. The truck stops at a stop sign, and then begins to move with an acceleration of 2.20 m/s^2 . If the box is 1.80 m from the rear of the truck when the truck starts,
(a) How much time elapses before the box falls off the truck?
(b) How far does the truck travel in this time?

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The expert examines Newton's second law and friction. How much time has elapsed before the box falls off the truck. A complete step by step solution.

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Before you begin here are some hints that you might want to consider and try to solve the problem:

1. Calculate what is the force the ...

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