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    Free Body Diagram

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    1. The imperial units for mass is slugs, for length is feet and for time is seconds. The imperial units for force is a pound. What is a pound in terms of slugs, feet and seconds?

    2. A box is on a sled. The sled is pulled up a hill as shown. The box does not slide off the sled. Draw the LABELED free body for the sled and for the box. Make sure that your diagram obeys Newton's third law and that action-reaction pairs are given the same label.


    3. Ann and Bob push on the the two boxes shown. Ann pushes on box 1 with a 60 Newton force. Bob pushes on box 2 with a 90 Newtons force. Box 1 has a mass of 30kg and box 2 has a mass of 40 kg. The floor exerts a friction force on box 2 of 20 Newtons to the right. The coefficient of static friction between the box and the floor is 0.7. Determine the friction force between the floor and box 1.


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    1 You are given with the following data:

     M = mass = slug
     L = length = ft
     T = time = sec
     F = force = pound

    Newton's second law tells us to write the definition of force as :
    F = M a ( where, a is the acceleration )
    = M LT-2
    Therefore, we may write pound as:
    Pound = (slug) (ft) (sec)-2

    First read your texbook about the definitions and fundamentals in detail.


    In this adjoining ...

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