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Newton's Laws of Motion

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Prob. 10 : Action is the hitting force exerted by the bat on the ball. Its effect is to impart acceleration to the ball. Reaction is the equal and opposit force exerted by the ball on the bat as a result of which the bat tends to move backwards. This backward motion of the bat is not significant because i) comparatively large mass and ii) it is held firmly by the player.

Prob. 14 : No. The fact that the object is at rest implies net force on it is zero and if only a single force acts on it, net force cannot be zero. There have to be 2 or more forces acting on the object with their resultant zero.

Prob. 2 : Given : Mass M = 10.3 kg, Force 12.1 N, Initial velocity u = 0, Time t = 2.5 sec

From Newton's second law Force = mass x acceleration. Hence, 12.1 = 10.3 x a or a = 1.17 m/s^2

Applying s = ut + ½ at^2 we get : s = 0 + ...

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