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Force of Friction over a Pulley

1. Two masses are attached with a pulley over an incline which is over a platform. The top of the incline to the ground is 6m. There is one mass on that ramp which is 5.0kg. The other mass which is hanging freely off the ramp is 20.0kg. The force of kinetic friction between the 5.0kg mass and the ramp is .26. The 5.0kg mass is accelerating up the ramp and once it reaches the top it is projected.

A)The acceleration of the 5.0kg mass
B)The tension force for the 5.0kg mass
C)The velocity of the 5.0kg block once it reaches the top
D)The horizontal range of the projectile

Please consider the value of coefficient of friction as 0.26 and not 0.11.

See attached file for full problem description.

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