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Force and Acceleration of Object of Mass

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Please help with the following problem.

A force F applied to an object of mass m1 produces an acceleration of 3.00m/s^2. The same force applied to a second object of mass m2 produces an acceleration of 1.00m/s^2.

(a) What is the value of m1/m2?.........I understand that a2/a1=1/3 --answer

(b) If m1 and m2 were combined find their acceleration under the action of the force.....
The answer is .750m/s^2.

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This question just requires knowledge of Newton's Law and some simple mathematical manipulation.

Now, you know that Newton's Law says that :

Force = Mass*Acceleration OR
F = m * a

We will need to use just this one formula to solve the question.
Part (a):

I guess you have understood that but we will go through it again just for completeness.
The "same force" 'F' is being applied to both masses 'm1' and 'm2' resp.
Also let us assume the acceleration produced on the masses 'm1' and 'm2' are 'a1' and 'a2' ...

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