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Finding the Height of a Window and Building

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A rock is released at rest from the top of a building. A window of the building which measures d=3.5 m from top to bottom. Its bottom edge is distance h=36 m from the ground. The rock takes time T= .12 seconds to pass from the top to the bottom of the window.
a. find the height of the building.
b. find the time the rock takes to go from the bottom of the window to the ground.
See ATTACHMENT1 for a diagram of parameters represented.

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The height of a window and building is found.

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Using general equation for constant acceleration g= 9.8 m/sec^2:
(1) y = yo + Vo t + .5 a t^2

Part a. Step 1.
For the constant acceleration g, from 0 to y in time t:
(2) y= .5 g t^2
Step 2.
From 0 ...

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