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    Determine the Centripetal Acceleration and Force

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    A child is twirling a 0.0120 kg ball on a string in a horizontal circle whose radius is 0.100 m. The ball travels once around the circle in 0.500 s.
    (a) Determine the centripetal force acting on the ball.

    (b) If the speed is doubled, does the centripetal force double? If not, by what factor does the centripetal force increase?

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    Weight of the ball = 0.012 Kg
    <br>Radius of the Circle = 0.1 m
    <br>Time taken by the ball to travel around the circle = 0.5s
    <br>Centripetal Acceleration is calculated by the formula:
    <br>a = v^2/r
    <br>We know that r = 0.1m
    <br>We need to calculate the speed of the ball.
    <br>If the radius of the circle is 0.1 m, then we know that the circumference or the length of the circle is given by: ...

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    If the speed is doubled, does the centripetal force double