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A person and cage are suspended from pulley; Find force exerted on rope

A man sitting in a cage is connected to a pulley system of three movable and one fixed pulley in the system shown in ATTACHMENT #1.

He pulls down on a rope as shown, to raise himself and the cage. The man and cage have a total weight of 639 nt. Ignore friction as negligible.

PART a. Find the force he exerts to move upward with constant velocity.

PART b. Find the force he exerts to move upward with acceleration of 1.8 m/sec^2.

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Step 1.
On ATTACHMENT #1, letting R = the force he exerts, show in terms of R, the force in each segment of each rope.

Step 2.
For the two ropes which actually are in contact with the man and the cage, express ...

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