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    Solving for Alternating Currents

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    Question: Find the Q factor and (b) the resonance width for the circuit in problem 70 and (c) the power factor when w=8000 rad/s?

    Problem 70 for reference:
    A series of RLC circuits with L=10 mH, C=2uF, and R= 5 omega are driven by a generator with a maximum emf of 100V and a variable angular frequency w.
    Find (a) the resonant frequency with sub 0 and (b) 1 sub rms at resonance, and (c) the phase angle delta.

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    a.) Quality factor,
    Q factor = XL/R
    XL = w*L = 8000*10*10^(-3) = 80 ohm
    R = 5 ohm

    Q factor = ...

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