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Comparison of AC & DC power generation

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The US power distribution plant is considered by analysis the various circuit parameters of both AC and DC power plants to deliver 120V DC voltage to the end user. Using a simplistic approach it is shown that AC power distribution is far more cost effective and indeed safe over DC power generation systems delivering the same power of 750 MW

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This solution compares AC and DC power generation.

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eat generation and maximum thermal resistance of class A and B

The DC input power, heat generation and maximum thermal resistance of class A and B amplifiers are calculated. We know that the AC output power is 200 Watts, and that the Class A and Class B amplifiers operate with the maximum theoretical efficiency. We also know that the BJT power transistor has a maximum junction temperature of 155 degrees C, if the ambient temperature is 25 degrees C. The calculated results indicate that the Class A amplifier is an enormous power waster in comparison to a class B amplifier.

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