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    disease prediction

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    If someone could test your DNA and tell you what diseases you would likely suffer from in 25 years, would you want to know the results? Compose supporting or refuting your personal decision to know the results of your own gene test. Use examples, including the specific disease you would be tested for, the actual likelihood of contracting the disease if you have a positive test, how this knowledge could help you avoid dying from the disease, and how you think having this knowledge would affect you and your family.

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    The key phrase is "what diseases you would likely suffer." I'm not interested in what my might happen to me tomorrow. Rather, I'm more interested in what I might do today. It's not a scientific decision, but rather a moral or philosophic one. A wise man once said, "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." In other words, why ...

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    This job offers personal insights into disease prediction.