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    States' laws on physician assisted suicide and Euthanasia

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    Please show me the differences in the three States laws on physician assisted suicide and Euthanasia.

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    The following analysis is not intended to be a comprehensive analysis, because if it were, it would be completing the assignment for you. However, it presents guidance and a relevant part of the analysis you intend to complete. The analysis is based SOLELY on the documents that you provide, and assumes that they do describe the current state of the law in the 3 states. However, the documents themselves present some challenges. Specifically, the documents explain that neither NY (as of 1997) nor CA (as of 2008) has a statute allowing PAS or euthanasia; in fact, the Rehnquist Supreme Court specifically upheld NY's law forbidding PAS, so NY has decided to ban PAS and the Supreme Court has left that decision intact (NOTE: the Supreme Court is OBVIOUSLY not delineating or delimiting NY policy on the subject, but is simply ruling that NY's policy did not violate the US Constitution). In addition, the document provided regarding the analysis of the proposed CA statute was decidedly critical of the statute, did not include the actual text of the statute, and probably is an advocacy piece disguised as "analysis." Those challenges aside, it is still possible to consider a BAN on PAS as the current state of PAS "law" and to consider the analysis of the controversy surrounding PAS as indicative of current policy.

    As a standard method of statutory analysis, one option is to take a single state's statutes and use that as a template of the relevant provisions to be compared. For example, take the OR statute (since that is the only statute you have made available) and make a chart of the relevant provisions (e.g., administrative provisions as to effective date ...

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    This posting documents differences in the three States laws on physician assisted suicide and Euthanasia.