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alternative form of corrections

Prisons are populated by a large percentage of inmates guilty of a drug crime, or a drug related offense. Since Pete Smith has used drugs in the past, you are not certain that the influences of the general population at a prison are best for either Smith or society. You decide to get some advice from another officer.
1. Why do you think and alternative form of corrections is appropriate here, and how will the offender and society benefit.

The department of Corrections is considering adding in-home monitoring as a sentencing option for judges. They have asked you to provide some information to them to assist in making a decision.
1. They need to know what in-home monitoring is and what type of offenders would be considered for this program.

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Let's go over your questions one by one.
1) The reason an alternative form of corrections for Pete might be appropriate is that he could slip back into his old drug habit if surrounded by drug addicts in jail. However, this theory raises a few questions:
a. Are prisoners doing drugs in jail? Are they unsupervised? If so, this must be changed as it isn't helping anyone.
b. What crime did Pete commit? For public safety reasons, murderers and rapists should probably be confined to jail regardless of any past drug abuse. However, if Pete is charged with a misdemeanor or a less-serious offense, an alternative punishment may be appropriate.
c. How long ago did Pete use drugs? What kind of drugs did he use? Did he ever receive a conviction for a drug crime? Are these drugs commonly found in the jail setting?
Considering an alternative punishment, assuming it's reasonable based on the answers to the above questions, could benefit both society and the ...

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