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    Misconduct in Jails

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    Overview: This pertains to the article 2 Baltimore Jail Guards Face Charges of Misconduct. The head of the agency has asked you as a new person in a leadership position to outline a strategy to improve the moral and ethical decision-making of the agency's employees. In the form of a memorandum, address the issue in the Baltimore
    jails and outline a strategy for improvement.

    Prompt: Include the following critical elements in the memorandum:
     Issue: Identify the issue occurring in the article.
     Improvement Need: Explain why this issue needs improvement.
     Community Impact: Explain how this issue could potentially impact the community.
     Cultural Impact: Explain how this issue impacts the culture of the organization.
     Improvement Strategy: Outline a strategy for improving the moral and ethical decision-making of the agency's employees.
    Support your work with scholarly evidence from sources

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    Step 1
    The memorandum will begin:
    TO: The Head of the Agency
    FROM: New Person in Leadership Position.
    DATE: July 22, 2016
    SUBJECT: Strategy for Improvements of Jail

    Step 2
    The body of the memorandum will contain:
    Issue: The issue is misconduct by guards at the state-run Baltimore jail. This issue needs improvement because it is unethical. it leads to brutality, violence in jails, and excessive use of force. This can injure inmates, traumatize them, or lead health problems. Misconduct in jails leads to indiscipline and serious health problems. Inmates can suffer from heart disease, asthma, headaches, and depression. Misconduct by guards at jails must be prevented.

    Improvement need: Charges of drug-smuggling and assault were placed on the two guards. Improvement is required because both these acts are ...

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