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Strip-Searches of suspects in Police Custody

When a person is taken into custody and is being put into a jail or other facility, may officers conduct a complete body or a "strip" search?

What is the justification for such a search?

Does the nature of the charged crime make a difference?

How far may such a search go?

In addition, recommend a strip-search policy consistent with these limitations.

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The answer to the first question is a resounding yes, as it is mandatory policy for officers to complete a strip search when during inmate intake into a jail or other incarceration facility. The policy for this strip search is predicated upon the fact that officers' in the field may have missed drugs, weapons, or other contraband while doing the initial field search. Therefore, once any inmate is remanded into custody at a jail or any incarceration facility he or she will in unison with other inmates have to drop their drawers and grab their ankles.

These searches are necessary to protect the staff at the facility as well as inmates from possible injury or harm due to ...

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This solution provides clarification to the student on the policy of strip-searches for suspects who have been remanded into custody and are located within a correctional facility or holding center.