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Cultural change in criminal justice organization

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Write a report suitable for review by top administrators in a criminal justice organization (police, courts, or corrections) on how a technological or cultural change (select one from the list below) might affect that organization. Provide recommendations for appropriate organizational adjustments that you feel should be made to manage the issue effectively. Include in your report an examination of management theories, management skills, and management tools that you feel should be applied to address the issue. To enhance your report, consider mentioning approaches that you feel should be avoided, and explain why.

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I have outlined a response for you. If you have any questions or want any more suggestions, please ask. There are many ways to take this and you should decide what you feel is most important.

Management can be structured or unstructured. In most law enforcement agencies, the hierarchy is very structured. It can be reminiscent of military hierarchy, often using titles to designate positions in the structure. From a human resources point of view, I would make changes in organizations that are too structured to a more horizontal structure, allowing people the ability to both find their niche and perform their jobs as leaders rather than enforcement.

Management theories present from bureaucracy to needs to motivations to control. Theory X and Theory Y take opposite views of people and their work. Theory X assumes people do not like their jobs and have to be forced to work. Theory Y states the opposite; people are motivated by their jobs to do well. No coercion is necessary in Theory Y, unlike Theory X, which posits people need coercion to do their best work.

Motivations are at the base of both Maslow and ...

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The cultural changes in criminal justice organizations are examined.