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Effects of white collar crime

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There are various types of crimes labeled within the criminal justice system. Some categories include violent victimization, property crimes, and crimes against humanity. However, there are crimes that can have an overarching effect on an entire population. White collar crime is a criminal offense that can victimize thousands if not millions of people with one swipe of a pen. White collar criminals victimize people in many ways, which most people fall prey due to the intricacies of the crime and the lack of understanding of how the crime is committed. White collar criminals are usually those who have the power or access to perpetrate the crime, thereby, being in positions of authority or members of upper level of organizational hierarchy. There are three main white collar crime typologies, which are corporate fraud, mortgage fraud, and securities and commodities fraud. There will be a short explanation of each typology within the solution.

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The three typologies identified as being associated with white-collar crimes are corporate fraud, mortgage fraud, and securities and commodities fraud. Within these three fraud categories, there are several subtypes of the frauds that are distinct in criminal intent and application. However, these three general crime typologies share very similar characteristics in regards to the hierarchical organizational structure, manipulation power and influence associated with the crime and intent of the perpetrators.

Mortgage fraud is an illegal practice where real estate professionals assist "borrowers obtain loans ...

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The solution provides a brief description of three typologies of white collar crimes, those how perpetrate the crime and the similar characteristics associated with each.