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Case Brief: Fiege v. Boehm

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Brief the following case in IRAC format:

Fiege v. Boehm
Court of Appeals of Maryland, 1956
210 Md. 352, 123 A.2d 316

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Contracts #2
Example Case Brief

Fiege v. Boehm 210 Md. 352, 123A. 2d 316.
Court of Appeals of Maryland, 1956
Argued 1953 and affirmed with costs 1956

Judicial History:

Boehm filed criminal bastardy charges against Fiege in 1953 arguing breach of contract: early in 1951 Boehm, and unwed woman and Fiege an unwed man had consensual sexual intercourse, which resulted in pregnancy. Prior to the birth of the child, and upon the condition that bastardy proceedings would not be brought against him, Fiege made a contractual agreement with Boehm for the following: 1. To pay all medical and miscellaneous expenses, to compensate her for the loss of her salary due to the birth of the child, and to pay her $10.00 per week in child support until the minor reached the age of 21. The total amount assigned to Fiege was $2,895.80. In September 1953 Boehm placed child up for adoption and Fiege, who had paid $480.00 to date, ceased to make any further payments under the grounds that the child was in fact not his, ...

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