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    Sales Contracts rules and analysis

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    Please help me outline the issue, rule, analysis, and conclusion of the following case study, written under the IRAC rule.

    Jean, a merchant, offered to sell to Mark, also a merchant, 4 new tables and 16 new chairs for Mark's business for $10,000 for delivery on June 1st. Mark suggested to Jean that she fax him her offer, outlining the terms of the agreement. On May 1st, Jean faxed Mark the offer, which included all the terms of the agreement. Mark signed the agreement and added the following words: "Offer to sell 4 tables and 16 chairs is agreed to and in addition, Jean will provide 2 additional chairs for a price of $500." Mark returned his acceptance with the additional terms to Jean. Jean did not respond. Jean delivered 4 tables and 16 chairs on June 1. Did Jean breach her contract with Mark? Explain.

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    Step 1- Issue
    Is there a contract for the additional chairs for the price of $500?
    Does the non supply of 2 additional chairs by Jean constitute a breach of contract?

    Step 2 - Rule
    For formation of a contract, one party makes an offer for an arrangement that the other party accepts. That is there must be concurrence of wills. There must be meeting of the minds of two or more parties. There must be evidence ...

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