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Analyzing Law Case

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The case is on page 125 of the Labor and Employment Law Text and Cases by David Twomey (attached URL to the Google Book).

After reviewing the case of Hoffman Plastic Compounds, Inc. v. NLRB (2002), scrutinize the following and prepare an analysis statement related to your conclusions. Include the following in your answer:

- Facts

- Issues

- Holdings: What the judge decides is the essence of a written judicial opinion

- Order: The results/outcome of the adjudicative process

- Rationale: What was the reasoning in the case?

- What is your opinion of the decision in the case?

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The expert examines analyzing law case studies. What the judge decides in the essence of a written judicial opinion is determined.

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- Facts

The facts of this case are predicated upon the issue of illegal immigration and immigrants obtaining jobs upon this paradigm. Jose Castro obtained a job under this particular circumstance wherein he was hired on the basis of documents that appeared to verify his status to legally work in the United States. After the union was formulated and began to vet its potential employees for the potential benefits, the plaintiff in this case was determined to be ineligible and subsequently laid off as a result. The National Labor Relations Board interacted on behalf of Jose Castro, finding that the actions of the union violated the National Labor Relation Act and ordered that Jose Castro receive backpay for his loss work due to being fired. Once the board held a compliance hearing before an Administrative Law ...

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