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Stock Buy Back

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Stock buy-back (redemption) programs are a frequent occurrence among publicly traded corporations. Using the Internet as your sole research source, find at least six publicly traded corporations that announced stock buy-back programs in 2015. What are some of the reasons noted by these corporations for the buy-back programs?

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Step 1
Six publicly traded companies that had stock buyback programs during 2015 are Apple (1), Pfizer(2), Microsoft(3), Verizon Communications(4), Gilead Sciences(5), and United Technologies(6).

Step 2
Some of the reasons given for the buyback are that the companies see a bright future. Apple sees a bright future and confidence is given as the reason for the large buyback. In cases of Microsoft the reason given is that Bill Gates and other large insiders are selling lage volumes of their shareholdings. The repurchase program is design to buy the shares that the insiders including Bill Gates is selling. The reason for the buyback given by Gilead is that it wants to return capital to its shareholders. One reason given in the press is that when management assigned options as a part of ...

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