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    Should consumers consider working conditions of products

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    1) Based on the information about, would you stop shopping at certain retailers? Is the consumption of food and clothing somehow different from the media products that require less of a local commitment of resources, such as sewing a pair of jeans in contrast with printing a comic book.

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    I will give you some different directions to go from:

    First is the disastrous affects we see are indeed horrible and cruelty on the job or using small children in unfair labor practices is a real reason to stop using some companies. But ideal world issues do not exist. For many of these people, the level of poverty they live in while working is much better than without the work. The system of values in this country is by far, among the most advanced in the world, but in many cases is limited to what we know. Just a couple decades ago, a ...

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    A discussion about applying Western standards to working conditions and compensation to developing countries. What constitutes poor treatment of workers and what is good for workers is also discussed briefly. The cost objectives that drive cheap labor.