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Clearing Up Terminology

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It is important to know how to correctly refer to others.
The best practice is to avoid labeling people, but if it is necessary, it is best to use a general term like Hispanic or Latino, Asian, or European. But even these terms are not preferred by all who fit the definition. So if you are interested in somebody's heritage, ask a question like "What is your family's heritage?" This can open up a conversation in a positive way, one that shows interest and not assumption.
Why is it better to ask the previous question rather than "Where are you from?"

Le's focus on the misidentifying that goes on with people here in the U.S. In what ways might people have negative feelings about being misidentified? What are your reactions to the video and what is the message being sent? Do you know your heritage and are you proud of that heritage? Discuss any experiences you have with this issue and your thoughts about the topic after considering the video and commentary you have read.


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In this situation I think that it is much better to ask the previous question rather than where are you from, due to the fact that people tend to like to talk about themselves and their families, which will make them more prone to being open to discussing their heritage with you in a positive and enlightening manner. In addition, individuals are often very proud of their heritage and will feel that you are interested in them and their heritage, which would also make these individuals feel very good about providing you with information about their heritage. Asking an individual ...

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The solution clears up terminology by focusing on the misidentifying that goes on with people in the United States

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