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WWI: Cause and Consequence

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Choose one military conflict in (World War 1) which the United States was involved that was discussed during this course. Explain both the causes and effects of this particular conflict and outline how it impacted American History. Must be at least 500 words, Wikipedia can't be a reference. World War 1, is the chosen conflict

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Firstly, the Great War, also known as World War One, indeed caused great prosperity and panic. The U.S. at the outset of WWI actually wanted nothing to do with it; it was only after the Lusitania and the interception of a German telegram (the "Zimmermann Telegram") that the U.S. realized its policy of isolationism was going to be challenged. That made them fearful of keeping what they had, and losing it to previously unknown types of people that, prior to the war, had posed no threat due to that isolation. In other words, what you had was a "political diplomacy binge." Imagine, if you can, living in a small apartment and simply going to the market down the street, living a simple, and rather small, life. Now imagine putting a person who has been used to that for 50 years in the middle of downtown Chicago, with all its action, people, violence, etc. Obviously this person is going to grow very scared and en guarde about everything, until they calm down. (This isn't an excuse, but it's an analogy.) Things you might consider to back this up:

- The Great Migration, due to urbanization and a persistently strong hatred and bias against African-Americans
- The bankruptcy of farming because of farming feeding the war, which was now over.
- ...

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The causes and consequences for the Great War (WWI) are discussed in brief, with attending resources.