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Native American history in California study guide nine

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Please help with the given questions:

1) How did San Francisco Bay area "hippies" aid the Indian activists occupying Alcatraz Island?

2) Who are Terry P. Wilson (Potawatomi) and Jack D. Forbes (Powhatan/Lenape)?

3) How did Stanford University respond to Native American protests directed at its Indian mascot?

4) Which California city changed the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day?

5) What was the most successful Indian movie of all time (released in 1990)?

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This study guide focuses on Native American history in California. The original resource is included as are five questions with answers. It provides over 200 words of original text.

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1) How did San Francisco Bay area "hippies" aid the Indian activists occupying Alcatraz Island?
Some hippies supplied food to the Indian activists. Some famous bands held benefit concerts to support the Indians. While the Indians provided a way of life that was attractive to the ...

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