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    Life during the Cold War

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    Maximum 500 word write up needed and please references as well.

    Imagine that you were the head of your household during the 1960â??s Cold War Era. What preparations would you have made to keep your family safe?

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    Actually I can use my grandfather as the example for this. At his house we had drills. In case the television went to the pattern sign and we were given a message to turn on the radio and wait for further instructions, we had to get under the table while the adults found the radio and the proper station (local) and the various things needed when we took shelter.

    Near the back door was a box with coats, hats, gloves, and paper masks. Also there were flashlights and batteries, and on the way out there were other boxes with water jugs and some different types of blankets and clothing. I remember him being very proud of his "silver" space ...

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    The solution provides a discussion of life during the Cold War from the perspective of an ordinary citizen using the experiences of a family member.