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    "Who Owns America?:Minority Land and Community Security" - Winona LaDuke

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    1) In paragraphs 1 and 3 what distinction does LaDuke make between her conception of land and the European conception?

    2) Why was Spirit Lake renamed Devil's Lake and what does this example tell us about "cultural bias"? What is "cultural bias"?

    3) Why is the naming process of America one of the things that indigenous people find incredilbly offensive?

    4) How does the concept of land LaDuke describes contrast with the ability of the founding fathers to "declare" the colonies theirs? How are their declarations similar?


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    1) The Akiing believe the land is where people come from and therefore people belong to the land. The European view is different and based on the concepts of the church. The Akiing see the land in terms of collective ownership and relationship. The ownership of far lands was promoted by explorers, for the church or individuals. Landownership throughout the world was patterned after these ...

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