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    "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle.

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    What would you say the main thesis is of Chapters 2-5 of "A New Earth? How is his thesis connected to our shared human society/current events/history? 500 Words.

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    As you pinpoint the thesis for these vast chapters, I interpret the central message about how ego is hindering humanity and the overall quality of life today. Chapter 1 demonstrates how ego is a barrier and explains how ego manifests and impacts our lives today by showing that ego makes us act selfishly, not humanely or divinely since "The quicker you are in attaching verbal or mental labels to things, people, or situations, the more shallow and lifeless your reality becomes, and the more deadened you become to reality, the miracle of life that continuously unfolds within and around you." He insists how ego makes us unable to see the world or care about others since "That illusory self then becomes the basis for all further interpretations, or rather misinterpretations of reality, all thought processes, interactions, and ...

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    This posting briefly summarizes main ideas of Chapters 2-5 of "A New Earth." Quotes are briefly integrated.