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    Sympathetic Response in a Difficult Situation

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    I'm horrible when it comes to saying a good word to someone going through so much. If they're close by I'd be there for them but this one is a previous co-worker and we are states apart. Can you help with something uplifting?

    Hello sweet thing! I am hanging in..... Mom is stable - on chemo drug and shrunk during the first 2 months, and we just did another ct scan after 4 mos. And it is stable... no increase/ no decrease. Doc. Says normal and that it may begin to grow in another 2 mos. But we can try something else. So for the moment we remain positive and she seems to be doing ok..... just very tired. Meanwhile at this cluster F.... my older sister was diagnosed with a malignate breast tumor... so just had that removed yesterday. Hopefully they got it all and while she needs to do 4 weeks of radiation the prognosis is very positive.

    Getting old sucks.... Lots of land mines!

    Meanwhile, I am eating my way through summer .... Ugh!

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    You should definitely express sympathy. You can say something like "I'm sorry your family is going through this difficult time." or something similar.

    Since she focuses on the positive aspect of the situations with her mother and sister, you should do the same. You can say something like "I'm glad the cancer ...

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    In this solution, I give suggestions for writing a sympathetic response to a difficult situation.