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    Specify Control Scheme for a Cryogenic Stripper

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    S.17. Sketch a control scheme for the cryogenic stripper shown below that is used for removing small amounts of propane from natural gas.


    (a) Cooling-water valve V-I is manipulated to control the gas temperature leavü4 the cooler.
    (b) Valve V-2 controls a temperature on tray 15 in the stripper.
    (c) Valve V-3 controls the total flow rate of gas into the compressor.
    (d) Valve V-4 controls the temperature of the propane bottoms product leaving óe unit.
    (e) Valve V-5 controls the column base level.
    (f) Valve V-6 controls the liquid level in tank 1.
    (g) Valve V-i controls the speed of the expander turbine.
    (h) A "valve position controller" is used to keep valve V-7 nearly wide open adjusting the setpoint of the expander speed controller.
    (i) A pressure controller opens valve V-8 if the pressure in tank 1 gets too high.
    (j) Valve V-9 controls tank 2 level.
    (k) Valve V- 10 controls tank 2 pressure.
    (1) Valve V-il controls the pressure in the stripper.
    (m) If the pressure in the stripper gets too high, an override controller pinches bc valves V-2 and V-3.

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