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    Circuit Elements - Power Dissipated

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    Given the circuit shown in the attachment find: values and power dissipated.

    (Please see attachment for complete question and diagram. Thanks)

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    I call 200 V V in my work to follow, 40 ohms is R1 , 300 ohms is Ra, and 75 ohms is Rb. ia + ib goes through V and R1. ia goes through Ra and ib goes through Rb. Vo is an unknown potential and ia and ib are unknown currents.

    I know charge and currents are conserved.
    Potential is conserved/
    The power delivered by the potential elements is lost in the resistors of this circuit as the current moves through them.

    So I have some circuit equations 1) V-(ia + ib)R1 -iaRa = 0
    2) V-(ia + ib)R1 = Vo
    3) V(ia + ib) + Voib = P P is the power
    4) (ia + ib)^2 R1 + ia^2Ra + ib^2Rb = P

    and then I worried as I see a quadratic that I am going to have to solve in ia or ib and I spent about two hours wrestling with this to find that the quadratic collapses as the constant term goes to zero ...

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