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Battery Charging

In order to charge a battery there must be a potential difference between the charger and the battery,i.e.a charging voltage.As a battery is being charged this potential difference reduces and since the charging current is related to this charging voltage the rate of charging also reduces.

A battery is put on charge.The relationship between the charging current,i amperes,and the time,t hours passed,is given by this formula, i=3e to the power of-0.36t (cannot type in proper inequality symbols)

Q1: Construct a table showing the current for values of time between 0 and 9 hours at intervals of 1 hour.Hence draw a graph of i against t for 0 is smaller or equal to t is smaller or equal 9.(cannot type in proper inequality symbols)

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Please see the attached xls file, which can be opened by MicroSoft Excel. In case you don't know how to open it, I copied the table at the end. You may only need the first and final columns.

1. e = 2.7183 (approximately)
2. "i=3e to the power of ...

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To draw a picture, pick t = 0, 1, 2, 3, ... , 8, 9 and the corresponding value of "i". Then you may get 10 dots, namely i=3.0 at t=0, i=2.0930 at t=1, and so on so forth.

Solution table is included in Excel.