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    Determining the exit velocity from an air nozzle

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    Air enters a nozzle operating at steady state at 800 ºR with a negligible velocity and exits the nozzle at 570 ºR. Heat transfer occurs from the air to the surroundings at a rate of 10 Btu per pound of air flowing. Assuming ideal gas behavior and neglecting potential energy effects, determine the velocity at the exit in ft/s.

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    First, we will convert everything in SI and finally we will convert the velocity in ft/s.

    Given: T1 = 800°R = 1273K
    T2 = 570°R = 985.7K
    q_out = 10 Btu/lb = 23.26 kJ/kg (heat lost to surroundings)

    Since incoming air has a negligible velocity, it's kinetic energy is also negligible (that means the total enthalpy is equal to the static one).
    If no heat losses would occur, the kinetic ...

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