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Length of stroke, cylinder bore, clearance volume, thermal efficiency

The four cylinders of a four-stroke spark-ignition petrol engine have a total capacity (swept volume) of 1200 cm^3.

The stroke-bore ratio is 1.1, the compression ratio is 9.5 and the ratio of the specific heats (y) is 1.41.

(a) the length of stroke
(b) the cylinder bore
(c) the clearance volume per cylinder in cm^3
(d) the thermal efficiency


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CR = (CV + SV) / CV

SV= Swept volume
CV= Clearance Valoume
CR= Compression Ration

( C)_______________________
note: the total swept volume of all 4 cylinders given ...

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This solution involves calculations for length of stroke, cylinder bore, clearance volume, and thermal efficiency.