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    Working with ripple voltage in diode circuit

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    Determine the capacitance required in a half wave rectifier to produce a ripple voltage less than 0.2V. Assume that the input is a 60Hz signal with maximum voltage VM=100V and the load resistance R= 10kW.

    I'm confused. What formulas do I use and how do I solve this?

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    We have Vdc = Vp = 100 V (max ac voltage)
    <br>It is given that the load is 10KW (please verify whether it is
    <br>10 K Ohm: If so, Idc = Vdc/R = 100/10*10^3 = 10*10^-3 A = 10mA)
    <br>Assuming that it is 10 KW (power consumption of the ...

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