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    Signal Processing Problems

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    1. A stationary process X(t) has power spectral density given by
    (see attached)
    This process is applied to the input of an ideal bandpass filter with a bandwidth of 2 MHz centered at 50 MHz to produce an output process Y(t).
    (a) Evaluate the power content of X(t).
    (b) Evaluate the power spectral density of Y(t).
    (c) Evaluate the power content of Y(t).

    3. The output of a stationary source is distributed uniformly according to the p.d.f. given by
    (see attached)
    This source is quantized using a four level uniform quantizer defined by (see attached)
    (a) Calculate the entropy for the quantized source.
    (b) Evaluate the signal-to-quantization noise ratio (SQNR) in dB.

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