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    A radio receiver is tuned to an FM station at 93.7 MHz

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    A radio receiver is tuned to an FM station at 93.7 MHz. (That means the carrier frequency is 93.7 MHz and sidebands extend each side of the carrier). The bandwidth of the FM signal is 180 kHz. The receiver has an IF amplifier with a center frequency of 10.7 MHz.

    The signal from the radio's antenna is first amplified in an RF amplifier and then multiplied by a local oscillator signal. A narrow bandpass filter follows the multiplier (mixer).

    a. What are the two possible frequencies to which the local oscillator could be set?

    b. What bandwidth should the 10.7 MHz IF amplifier have?

    c. What is the image frequency for the 93.7 MHz FM signal with a low side LO?

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