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Frequency Modulation

Double sideband suppressed carrier AM (DSB-SC AM) is used in the transmission of stereo signals in sound broadcasting using frequency modulation. The transmitted stereo signal is a voltage proportional to L-R, where L and R are the left and right audio signals.
a. A DSB-SC AM waveform is generated by modulating a 38 kHz carrier with a 10 kHz audio sine wave signal. What are the frequencies of the sidebands of the DSB-SC AM signal?
b. Is the 38 kHz carrier present in the DSB-SC AM signal in part (a) above?
c. How is the DSB-SC AM signal demodulated in the radio receiver to recover the L-R signal?
d. How are the left (L) and right (R) signals obtained separately in the radio receiver to drive the dual channel audio amplifier and speakers?

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a. The frequencies of the sidebands of DSB-SC AM signal are +/- 10kHz of the carrier signal. So we have 28kHz for lower sideband and 48kHz for the higher sideband.

b. No. As a property of DSB-SC, the carrier is suppressed ...

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