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Calculating the Maximum Calling Rate

You have a bandwidth of 10 MHz (per direction) in a single-cell system and want to deploy a wireless telephone system. You have the following options: analog 30-kHz channels (as in AMPS), digital 30-kHz channels (each supporting 3 users as in IS-54), digital 200-kHz channels (each supporting 8 users as in GSM), or CDMA with 10-kbps user signals requiring an Eb/N0 of 6 dB. (a) Compute the achievable capacity (in number of simultaneously active users per cell) for each case. (b) How do the results in (a) change if you use 120 degree sectorization? (c) How do the results in (b) change if instead of a single cell you have many? (Ignore voice activity factor in all of the above.) (d) For the above case of AMPS-like channelization with 7-cell reuse and 3 sectors per cell, suppose that you need to serve 900 users per cell. If the average duration of a call is 2 minutes, what is the maximum calling rate which guarantees a GOS of 2%?

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