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    BPSK/QPSK Line of Sight

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    A line of sight wireless link is established between two points at a distance of 1.0 km using a frequency of 2.40 GHz. Digital data is to be transmitted over the link at a rate of 200 kbps. The transmitter and receiver have ideal RRC bandpass filters with ? = 0.25.

    a. What RF bandwidth is required to send the data using BPSK?

    b. What RF bandwidth is required to send the data using QPSK?

    c. If the RRC filters in the transmitter and receiver are replaced with ones that have ? = 0.20, what are the new RF bandwidths in parts (a) and (b)?

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    a. This time we have to start with the bit rate Rb which is given as Rb = 200 kbps

    So first we need to find the symbol rate (SR) where

    SR = bit rate/number of bits per symbol = Rb/n

    Number of bits per symbol n is specific for different types of higher order modulation, for BPSK n = 1

    So we ...

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