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Analysis of the frequency spectrum of random rect pulses

A signal consists of rectangular pulses of duration 0.1 ms that arrive at a receiver at random intervals of time.

What is the shape of the spectrum of the signal?

What is the extent of the spectrum in the frequency domain?

What is the unit that is applied to the magnitude of the spectrum?

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The 2 sided power spectrum for a series of rectangular pulses of duration T is shown by the {sin(x)/x}2 or "sinc" function squared as below (do not worry about the negative frequency domain; this is just a mathematical curiosity). It will contain all frequency components within the lobes but shaped so that they slope off in power amplitude by the "sinc" function squared. All frequencies ...

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A randomly arriving rectangular pulse stream is examined, pulses with a duration of 0.1 ms, and the frequency representation of that pulse stream quantitatively determined. In particular the frequency points of the nulls and the general shape of the spectrum is determined from input information about the stream. See the attached Excel file.