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Vaults and IT data

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Q1. What security limitations are encountered for vaults, safes, IT data, and or other high-value security items. Give examples please.

Q2. Why is surveillance equipment important in internal security? What are some important parts, be it actual or administrative that is a must have? Examples.

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Answer #1: Vaults and IT data both contain items or information that are either valuable or private. In regards to security limitations concerning vaults the primary limitations are enforced by manned security which enforce limited and unauthorized personnel near vaulted items in banks, laboratories, hospitals and other corporate facilities. Further limiting measures can include a wide variety of surveillance, digital electronic networks, metal detectors, and closed circuit cameras for vaults.

EXAMPLE- A Hindu temple in India discovered $22 billion worth of treasures in four underground vaults. Upon the discovery of the goods, armed security was assigned to guard the vaults. Soon after the local governing body of the area announced ...

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