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    Tuition-Waiver Programs and Public Policy

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    Elaborate on the tuition-waiver programs that have been revised in 2012.

    How does public policy reach Hegemony people?

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    1. Tuition waver programs are just that - programs that "wave" or reduce the price of going to school to certain students under certain conditions. These programs are run by individual states (not on a Federal level) so they vary from state-to-state. Most of the programs are "need-based" which means that a student has to come from a disadvantaged background in order to qualify for the tuition waver. Some people who work for a specific university or school are also eligible for tuition wavers so that their children can attend school at a reduced rate simply because they are employees.

    To be eligible for a Need Based Tuition Waiver, students are usually required to be residents of the specific state in which they are going to attend school, be a citizen of the United States, not ...

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