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Importance of Assessment

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What does the statement that assessment is the "lifeblood of good teaching" (Reeves, 2006, p. 300) means and why is it important. Also does an assessment need to be aligned with other elements of an online course (learning objectives, instructional strategies). (Attachment of Reeves article below)

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In my opinion, the three keys to good teaching include curriculum, instruction, and assessment (the CIA). Curriculum is what you teach. Instruction is how you teach it. Assessment is how you know if you were successful with the other two pieces. I think the assessment is the "lifeblood" because it really presents evidence that the students learned what you wanted them to. Assessments can come in all different forms. There are the traditional pencil and paper tests, projects, reports, or just plain questioning of students. However you do it, if the students come up with the correct answer, then that can lead you to believe they learned the material.

However, one thing to be careful of here is that we do not want the students to just regurgitate answers from the text or from lecture notes. We want them to have ...

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This réponse addresses the importance of assessments that are aligned with the curriculum and why they are important to good teaching and learning.