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an extension of both democratic theory and business ethics

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There is a trend toward the recognition and protection of the individual rights of employees, a trend reinforced by personal liability that managers have in upholding these rights. Elaborate on how the rights of those in the public sector differ from those in the private sector, and how it affects overall public sector productivity.

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This topic is, to an extent, an extension of both democratic theory and "business ethics."

1. Since the private sector justifies itself by a completely different set of standards than a government would, managers/owners have far more leeway than public sector work.
2. The rights and liberties of the Constitution, remember, are aimed at government, not the private sector. Private firms can censor writing, yet the state cannot.
3. The theory of private sector rights is based on the concept that all labor contracts are voluntary. So long as the contents of this contract do not violate the law, anything goes.
4. I'm uncomfortable in associating the continued rise of state power in the workplace through the courts as identical with the spreading of "rights."
5. Remember too - private sector rights ...

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An extension of both democratic theory and business ethics is reiterated. How the rights of those in the public sector differs from those in the private sector are determined.

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