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The president of your company, Mr. daily, has asked you to prepare a report explaining the various forms of market structure. He explains to you that the report will be handed out to the staff prior to the staff meeting next week and that it should outline the various forms of market structure. At the same time, the report should have examples of companies or firms that operate under these types of market structures. He also explains that the report will be reviewed as part of your evaluation for the new vice president position.

i must submit a report in which you explain in detail the various forms of market structure.

* A monopoly
* An oligopoly
* A monopolistic competitor
* Competition
* Pure competition
* The differences in the number of firms in each market structure
* A real-world example of a firm in a monopoly, oligopoly, and monopolistically competitive market structure

Really need help with this one thanks.

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There is no word minimum for any answer; just give a complete response.

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