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    Finding Japan's Equilibrium Real GDP From AD-AS Schedule

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    In Japan potential GDP is 600 trillion yen and the table shows aggregate demand and short-run aggregate supply schedules.

    Price level
    Real GDP demanded
    Real GDP Supplied in the short run

    75 600 400
    85 550 450
    95 500 500
    105 450 550
    115 400 600
    125 350 650
    135 300 700

    a. Draw a graph of the aggregate demand curve and the short-run aggregate supply curve.

    b. What is the short-run equilibrium real GDP and price level?

    c. Does Japan have an inflationary gap or a recessionary gap and what is its magnitude?

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    Given Japan's Aggregate Demand (AD) and Aggregate Supply (AS) schedules, this solution graphs Japan's AD and AS curves, finds its equilibrium price level and GDP, and calculates its GDP gap.