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    the annual net cash flows

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    Capital Budgeting and Risk Analysis
    ZeeBancorp is considering the establishment of a contract collection service subsidiary that
    would provide collection services to small- and medium-size firms. Compensation would be
    in the form of a percentage of the amount collected. For amounts collected up to $100, the fee
    is 55 percent of the amount collected. For amounts collected between $100 and $500, the fee
    would be 40 percent of the total amount collected on the account. For amounts collected over
    $500, ZeeBancorp would receive 35 percent of the total amount collected on the account.
    ZeeBancorp expects to generate the following amount of business during the fi rst year of
    operation of the new subsidiary:

    Act Class #of collections average amount collected for each account
    up to 100 4800 75
    between 100 and 500 2100 325
    over 500 1250 850

    Over the projected 10-year life of this collection venture, the number of accounts in each group
    is expected to grow at 6 percent per annum. Th e average amount collected from each account
    is expected to remain constant.
    To establish the collection subsidiary, ZeeBancorp will have to rent office space at a cost of
    $250,000 for the first year. (Assume the rent is payable at the end of each year.) Th is amount is
    expected to grow at a rate of 11 percent per year. Other operating expenses (excluding depreciation)
    are expected to total $350,000 during the first year and grow at an 11 percent annual
    ZeeBancorp will have to invest $150,000 in net working capital if it undertakes this venture.
    In addition, required new equipment will cost $275,000 to purchase and an additional
    $25,000 to install. Th is equipment will be depreciated using the MACRS schedule for a 7-year
    asset. Th e salvage value for the equipment is estimated to be $50,000 at the end of 10 years.
    Th e firmâ??s marginal tax rate is estimated to be 40 percent over the projectâ??s life, and its average
    tax rate is projected to be 35 percent over the projectâ??s life. Th e fi rm requires a 15 percent
    rate of return on projects of average risk.

    1. Compute the net investment required to establish the collection subsidiary.

    2. Compute the annual net cash flows over the 10-year life of the project.

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